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America has more then its fair share of world class fly fishing hot spots. I have fished many of these special areas over the years including tiny streams in upstate New York, Texas, most of California and other spots to be mentioned in future columns.

Yosemite Fly Fishing

Those fly fisher faithful who have followed this column in the past year are aware of my personal soul connection to Yosemite National Park. I have wondered around this otherworldly bastion of natural beauty and wildlife for many years. The park is home to several species of trout including the rare Golden Trout, which I have found only in the rough back country on special occasions.

New Zealand Fly Fishing

My good friends Dr. Mike Martin and his equally astute fly fishing wife & partner Karen have Fly fished many of the worlds premier waters. Last year it was off or rather down to New Zealand for a tour of the areas best trout haunts. Dr. Mike is Senior Biologist for California Fish & Game Department. This chap has more talents then Madonna, he and his beloved Karen are quite serious addicts when it comes to trout

Lake Marie Lodge

I was prepared for almost any suitable accommodations in such a remote area 90 miles East of Anchorage and 50 miles from Mt. McKinley. This is big bear country and the land of too many Bald Eagles to count. It is almost completely untouched if not for the scattered homesteads over many hundred square miles. The brothers Wilson have rapidly become very famous in this remote part of the top of this little blue marble we live on.

Winter Yosemite Fly Fishing

When the muse moves me to again taste Winters exclusive stream side domain. I think of the most beautiful places, I have watched my hand tied flies mingle with the real thing. Thanksgiving usually finds me drawn to Yosemite’s haunting siren whispering to me. "Come on Dan, its icy cold and the once coursing Merced River is now but a hollow shadow of itself."

African Fly Fishing

They glide gently among us mortals as if lighter then air. Spirit barely touching solid ground, one might for a moment imagine these ethereal creatures are but figments of distant worlds unknown! Upon first contact with African fly fishing guide Cindy Garrison one cannot help but be taken back by her otherworldly presence. In these predictably boring politically correct times. It is supposedly off limits to address such obvious manifestations.

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