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Quality Destinations

America has more then its fair share of world class fly fishing hot spots. I have fished many of these special areas over the years including tiny streams in upstate New York, Texas, most of California and other spots to be mentioned in future columns.

The State of Oregon situated in the Northwest region has breathtaking scenery and many excellent trout waters. I will mention three outfitters who have reputations for quality guiding and wonderful accommodations. Mac Huff out of Joseph Oregon guides on the famous author Zane Greys secret rivers for Steelhead, trout and bass. The phone number is (541) 432-9085.

Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge on the Rogue River has been chasing Steelhead since 1946. This outfit is top drawer in respect to experience and first class guiding. Phone number is (800) 826-1963, web site is

The third outfitter/guide is Cascade Guides and Outfitters, The Deschutes River and the Cascade Lakes are home to true world class fly fishing. Phone (541) 593-2358, web site is

I have over the years heard quite positive reports from friends and fellow fly fishers in regard to these three truly world class fly fishing destinations. The good folks at ORVIS OUTFITTERS have many excellent fly fishing trips available at or contact Orvis at (800) 548-9548.

I must mention once again in regard to my personal guiding expeditions this year. I will guide woman who wish to sample true exotic fly fishing either here in America or anywhere in the world. Those who have followed this column for the last year understand my interest and dedication toward recognizing woman fly fishers.

If your not sure of your skill level man or woman. I will gladly advise you on possible fly fishing venues where your limits can be reached. I have written about many lady fly fishers and often find the gentler sex to be skilled and well schooled in the sport.

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