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Dan Fallon Fly Fishing Article Column 10 2011

Newly Ordained Brother

This past Summer 2011 has been a splendid piscatorial adventure with the added blessing of a few new friends. The Brotherhood Of The Long Rod can welcome a new Brother who appears to have magic hands and instant love for all things fly....

"My name is Ian Shuman your mild mannered every-day Dentist and as of late, a newbie fly fisher. My newest obsession began this summer when my friend Amir Juzbasis invited me to Alaska and fish for King Salmon and whatever else would bite.

Then I met the Grandmaster of fly fishing (Oh how I love that quote baby!) Dan Fallon who guided me on the finer points of casting, stripping, and patience! Remember, Its called fishing not catching said Dan and that in essence is what set me on the Zen like journey. The art and trance like state achieved with the perfect cast and catch..."

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Yes, Ian you really get it my new talented friend. In the fifty odd years I have successfully impersonated a Master Fly Fisher many have been called and few were chosen. The concept of fly fishing let alone fly tying, reading water and understanding the six million little aspects that separate success from utter failure!

Many talented sportsmen came across my G.P.S. this summer especially during the 7 days at Lake Marie Alaska in June chasing King Salmon. It was clear from day one Dr. Shuman was a gifted man in many ways as he easily picked up my few comments and began throwing flies like a seasoned old hand. It was and is his innate skills tying flies that are impressive to me! It took me many years to become reasonably aware of how flies are assembled.

I suppose Ian has been quite used to working in small places on tiny teeth as he is already showing signs of future mastery.

Fly Fishing Guides Flies Fishermen Gear 10-2011

"I couldn’t believe that a fish would actually be interested in this tiny barely visible dry fly and yet they bit and bit and bit!" At this juncture in my life long love affair with fly rods and rivers watching someone like Mr. Shuman an educated successful reasonable, funny, good natured fellow drink the Kool-Aid, swallow the philosophy and jump in head first has been sublime! This man can already ty and catch, release wild fish! I tip my hat to you Sir! Welcome to the Brother & Sisterhood Of The Fly..."

Ian, thanks for kind words, but, really no one has ever truly mastered this complicated sport and that includes me, just another hooked brother my Brother

Written by Dan Fallon © 2011

Dan Fallon Fly Fishing Article Column 10 2011
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