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Bamboo Nirvana

Those who have faithfully followed my monthly column are aware of my undying reverence and love of fine handmade Bamboo fly rods. In my sporting life I have the supreme privilege of owning and using Bamboo made by the legendary godfather of modern Bamboo, Walt Powell. I have fished with Mr. Powell and had the honor of carrying his near perfect 4-5-6 weight Bamboo from Alaska to California.

News from the R.L. Winston Rod Company

I have taken Winston Bamboo Custom made Rods on many of the adventures written about in this monthly column which is about to enter its third year! These well made rods have never let me down including taking their fine Bamboo deep into the Alaskan woods to wrestle forty-pound kings all day.

The Eternal Fly Line Tippet and Fly Setup

The rest of the fly line setup must conform to this standard in regard to length of sections. Fly line leaders either floating or sinking line as a rule ought to be at least 7 to 9 feet long. The leaders like the tippets and fly line come in many weights and several lengths. The tippet or final line at the end of your leader as a general rule must be at least 4 feet long.

Quality Bamboo

This months featured field tested fly rod is an Orvis Spruce Creek Full Flex 3 weight Bamboo which comes equipped with a well constructed CFO Reel in the Battenkill version. This handsome little six & a half footer came in to my hands via Hollywood and a pal actor who keeps all his rods in a special room with a handmade wall rack next to his pool table.

Firing the Magic Bullet

Learning how to work any of the traditional early season streamers can be as difficult as learning how to cast in the wind. Those fly fishers who are either new to the sport or stuck in ancient deep diving nymph strategies may want to read further! The advantages of learning the secrets of choosing the correct streamer or early season terrestrials are many fold. To begin with, lets explode a few early season myths about enticing sleepy, cold, lethargic trout into hitting your meager offering.

Peacock Stonefly

This black adult generic Stonefly works well because its built with iridescent Peacock Herl that makes its shimmer and catch the light as you let the fly dead drift or carefully slowly twitch it allowing it to drift as much as possible.

Mouse Magic

In my fly gear an assortment of mice each different size and color to match wherever I roam. Over the years I have been taught by Mouse Masters how to tie small mice and more important exactly how to present, cast, move, and truly understand the last moments in these ubiquitous mammals lives...

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