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Fly Fishing Peacock Stonefly

Fly Fishing Peacock Stonefly

Hook: Dry Fly #6 to #14
Thread: Jet Black.
Tail: Tail and front antenna Turkey Biots.
Body: Wrap as many Peacock Herl strands as needed because the herl glistens and creates life like stonefly underbelly.
Wings: Thin strip of black velcro textured backpack strap to simulate adult stonefly wings tucked in.
Head: Black thread.
Legs: Important to use Peacock Herl as the tiny hairs are nice and buggy realistic.

This black adult generic Stonefly works well because its built with iridescent Peacock Herl that makes its shimmer and catch the light as you let the fly dead drift or carefully slowly twitch it allowing it to drift as much as possible.

This pattern is effective no matter if other Stoneflies are present as it is a universal attractor when nothing else is working! Time of year, resident hatches not happening all the usual excuses is great for the Peacock Stonefly.

I usually work this buggy pattern with a Nymph Dropper switching to Grasshopper’s because these two patterns are universal around the world. I have caught fish from Alaska to Vietnam with this setup. In my fly box universal patterns include: Mice, Mosquitos, Black Stoneflies and Grasshoppers. One cannot loose mastering presentations of these universals.

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