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News from the R.L. Winston Rod Company

I have taken Winston Bamboo Custom made Rods on many of the adventures written about in this monthly column which is about to enter its third year! These well made rods have never let me down including taking their fine Bamboo deep into the Alaskan woods to wrestle forty-pound kings all day. Of all the well known custom rod companies of which there is less then ten or so at the very top. Winston is in the top two percent in quality, craftsmanship and long range maintenance and repair.

The skilled hands of master Bamboo maker Glenn Brackett recently repaired a famous Bamboo rod of mine. His work is superb and well worth the three-month wait. The art of living the ultimate fly fishing lifestyle that includes: fly fishing constantly, field testing and writing about all aspects of the sport. Is not fully appreciated without the very finest equipment available on the market.

From 1929 on into 2001 Winston stands alone in customer satisfaction and quality work. One of the latest innovations to come from Winston is the unique Winston Elite true custom rod. You the discerning fly fisher consumer can now order your Winston Elite Fly Rod made to your own specifications including grip, wood inserts, style, inscribed with your name.

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