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Dan Fallon Fly Fishing Article Column 1 2015

California Fly Fisher Psychosis

Is it possible Western North America along with many South American, African and Mid Eastern countries may be entering the first stages of an epic return to desert for decades! A new social phenomena has caught the attention of pre Doctoral Psychosis Specialists.

As California rivers, streams, creeks all but disappear in year four of the latest Mother Nature awareness exercise. Errant, confused, dazed, fly fishers, often speaking to themselves or in strange gibberish foreign tongues are witnessed standing in empty dry river beds in full fly gear casting into nothingness over and over and over...

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Local fly fishing clubs have begun sending out search team’s to walk these confused drought effected men, woman, and sadly kids into the new western drought. Aimless, Wondering, Confused Gangs Of Fly Fishers Close Down reality.

One well known often quoted State Capital Sacramental newspaper recently ran this headline! “local Reservoir“. It appears a large group of wondering Zombi like water seeking fly fishers dressed in full fly gear had a melt down at well known Mt. Shasta Reservoir in Upper California.

Firemen cried as they helped little children reach waiting Psychosis trained volunteers. One can travel following where once raging rivers like the Mighty American South Fork. The whole eastern river, creek, stream system from Mt. Shasta north down to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park and all the tiny tributaries Little or no water mile after mile of dry river beds tell the tale better then any writer can.

Puddles replace beautiful endless loud white raging rivers that once criscrossed California. Snow packs in the Sierra Mountains that have provided water for millions all but history. 2015 snow depth less then 6 percent of normal. Armageddon?

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News from climatologists and those who carefully study tree rings, geological histories state the West has endured many historically devastating so called Mega Drought periods often lasting decades, that is decades! California and much of South America may become high desert with little or any rainfall soon. Mass migrations as cities no longer can handle millions of thirsty humans.

Endangered wild fish stalks have been dropped from priority as plans for huge desalination plants all along the once pristine California coastline become reality... Or as has been projected by a few diehards, "This cycle of Drought may well be short five years and back to normal."

What exactly is normal these days? Every news cast screams of major unheard of weather phenomena from Tornadoes to severe rain often many inches in hours not days. Of course those supporters of "Global Warming" are feeling awfully smug and secure that the case has been made and the jury has found Humanity guilty of disrespect, neglect.

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Global degradation and wanton pillaging of this little blue water filled planet. Breaking news from Prestigious Stanford University is we are entering a new normal period that may be in place for decades! Many very dry desert like years followed by occasional hard rain years appears to be their consensus. World wide weather has been erratic and unstable in last 20 years.

Now America’s bread basket, land of milk and honey contemplates a new world weather order and it ain’t pretty fly fishers. We are and have always been the canaries in the old coal mine. I recall wild Alaska 25 years ago ice cold in the mornings and high screaming waters everywhere! Alaska like the rest of America is seeing drastic changes in both temperatures and seasonal expectations. One positive does exist for me and every fly fisher who is able? Book a flight to deep Alaska now while it still pristine! I can think of my favorite three International fly venues.

Lake Marie at Ireland at its best for wild salmon at speak with my old Pal Ian Powell and Irish salmon catching legend.

One more wonderful fly venue in the land where wild Tigers still roam my peak your interest Misty runs a fantastic Himalayan Outback fly venue experience not to be forgotten at First a few worlds about my other family in Alaska the Pioneer spirit lives in the Wilson’s hearts. Johnny Wilson, David and Mother Marie top drawer outdoors men who run one of the most successful deep Alaska remote fly lodges Lake Marie.

Contact David and please mention my name. Ian Powell has created with sweet help of his loving wife a grand Irish Fly Venue. One could not find more knowledgeable fly people in all of Ireland! Highly recommend Mr. Powell. Wild Tigers and the giant wild fish in the Himalayan remote zones? Misty is your exotic fly expert with many years leading expeditions starting at reasonable prices. These three International fly venues have all the raging waters needed don’t hesitate contact them and get your money’s worth my fly Brother’s and sister’s.

Now a few words to kind fan’s asking hey where you been for last two years Wolf? Thanks for E-Mails and concern... Simple friends other creative projects like oil painting, super bikes and travel became a temporary priority. Those asking what about Fletcher Quill my 13 year old satire serial fiction? He was last seen in Morocco or was it Tangiers? This fly column will be published every other month world wide.

After twenty five years of writing and living this grand old sport. I will never let anything or anyone pry my Bamboo fly rod out of these water soaked hands... The third recipient of the “ Joel Blanco Clean water Cup” Mr. Reverge Anselmo has his hands full trying to get the Shasta County scales of justice more balanced! His 7 Hills Cattle & Land Company is home to some of the cleanest creeks and streams in the state. All my prayers and support for you Marine, Semper Fi.

Avid California fly maniacs can still find robust fly waters up close to Mt. Shasta in the tiny tributaries many on private land. The wondrous Fall River system is fed my natural springs along with a few other fly waters. One has to look and carefully choose in this difficult time. Will California fly fishers ever get back to normal? Pray for us...

Written by Dan Fallon © 2015

Dan Fallon Fly Fishing Article Column 1 2015
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