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Dan Fallon Fly Fishing Article Column 12 2012

The Real Alamo March 6th 1836

It was never any fun watching the old ten inch black and white television with my Grandfather William James Fallon in the early 1950s; he lived to be 106! If the show was about Wyatt Earp, OK Corral, The Alamo, or any so-called "factual" American cowboy and indian kind of history show?

Granddad would turn off the TV and carefully explain to me, "Danny Boy, your ancestor so-and-so was at that shoot out he told your Great Gand father who told me and now sonny Boy I’m telling the real story! One rainy 1950 San Francisco afternoon the real story of the Alamo was being told by some Historian with a big emphasis on Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and the great Mexican President/General Santa Anna. One of my Great uncles a Fly-fisher/Soldier/Cowboy/Adventurer had been living the good life with Santa Anna’s General’s hunting and fishing.

While on his way back through what is now Texas back to the United States he ran across Davy Crockett and his 12 men heading for the Mission under siege, The Alamo. They became friends and briefly he was witness to the last moments before the Alamo was over run and all but a few of the 183 defenders were killed.

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"Davy Crockett, King Of The Wild Frontier! Great to meet you Sir! Been reading all about your Bear wrestling and such. Mind if I ride along to the old mission with you. I been hunting and fishing with those crazy Mexican’s for last three months!"

"You out here in this wild ass country by your self young man? You must have many stories to keep us entertained, come on and ride up front with me. You heard we got us a fight coming with your Mexican Boys! That is why we are on the trail today. You are going into a serious shoot out young hunter fly fisher. Is that some kind of Manzanita fly pole you got there?"

"Yep, love to fool fish, any kind of fish. If we cross that river near the mission maybe throw a bug or two my Bear Hunter friend? You really wrestle any Bears Davy?"

"Hell yes, that or become Dinner Son!"

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"Listen Kid, what’s your name O’Fallon? We going to run into a real ornery Pole Cat named Bowie, A Mr. James Bowie. He is a known knife fighter and drinks like ten horses. Better give him plenty of elbow room . Now, I hear your Pal Santa Ana has around 2,000 thousand or so Boys ready to over run this here Alamo and take Texas once and for all into Mexican ownership! Many of us old war Dogs are against this. Sam Houston is sending men as is other patriots. But, Son, this could be nasty I reckon. You ever killed anyone Kid?"

"Had no choice. My family all Cowboy/Hunter/Shooters. Learned the ropes early roaming around one adventure to another since I left Ireland. Been trying to get way up North. I don’t want anyone else’s headaches or fights. But, Davy guess I’ll tag along see what happens. How many fighters on our side again?"

"Roughly, very roughly 200 I think?"

"I see we are near that creek just above the bluff, you and me sneak up and throw some of your flies, and maybe get lunch before we get near the old mission O’Fallon. Going north you say?"

"Yep, plenty wild west out at the edge of the west I reckon. Look their rising near that bush by the small rock where that ripple seam is, see em Davy?"

"Got em, nice big trout. Lets take all we can and make lunch right now Irishmen!"

The 13 men spent the rest of the day in the saddle arriving just in time for the ongoing party with the 180 or so who were alerted around mid night the Mexican’s were close and plentiful! Santa Anna sent out several small parties who attacked the fort/mission in classic military style seeking weak points and estimating numbers in the Alamo.

The ongoing party did not cease until Jim Bowie passed out drunk and the others spent would be awakened at 6am when the final assault was underway. 2000 Mexican’s led by Santa Anna killed almost all 183 defenders other the woman, kids, and Davy Crockett who attempted to negotiate his release and was cut to pieces by Santa Ann’s personal guards. My ancestor James O’Fallon was never found in the aftermath.

He may have been taken prisoner or was killed in the carnage. To this day, the truth is unknown...

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"O’Fallon when we get to the old mission I’ll see to it your given your own space to get those long rifles your carrying in firing shape! You some kind of Buffalo long shooter kind a fella?"

"That may be true. These sharps Buffalo guns are good out to 6, 700 hundred yards. A fair distance, yes Sir. People little harder to hit. They weigh a lot. Need a helper reloading this 2nd gun in a real shoot out like the one your expecting Davy."

"Listen to that old fiddle a playing, hell the fort is lit like a Christmas tree. The last waltz O’Fallon?"

"I counted over two hundred small camp fires on the way here! The Mexican’s are here in mass! Look how they aren’t hiding at all. Complete contempt for the little fort, I smell trouble. Devil is a busy man, but! He will find time for you, yes he will..."

It was over in the morning in ninety minutes. Sabers were used on survivors , only the cook and woman and kids were allowed to live and tell the tale. 2000 against 183.

Written by Dan Fallon © 2012

Dan Fallon Fly Fishing Article Column 12 2012
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