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The Eternal Fly Line Tippet and Fly Setup

The Eternal Fly Line Tippet and Fly Setup

The rest of the fly line setup must conform to this standard in regard to length of sections. Fly line leaders either floating or sinking line as a rule ought to be at least 7 to 9 feet long. The leaders like the tippets and fly line come in many weights and several lengths. The tippet or final line at the end of your leader as a general rule must be at least 4 feet long.

Many seasoned fly fishers like to have more then 4 feet of tippet, I have used up to eight feet of this thin terminal line depending on stream conditions and the type of fish I’m after. If you use this guideline as a rule of thumb in regard to type and length limits, it will be a solid starting point for novice and old pro. While were on the subject of how to get started in respect to line/leader/tippet length.

It would help most novice fly fishers who read this column to practice tying and assembling line/leader/tippet many times before heading for the nearest river or stream. I have seen old pro’s including yours truly stumble and fumble with fly lines in the heat of battle. If you also practice the three or four basic knots which can be found in any how-to fly fish book, your life as a fly fisher will be much easier.

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